Hiding a button after click

Livewire can handle loading states in the browser to provide responsive feedback

You can hide a button, and reveal alternate text or spinner when the button is clicked

<button wire:loading.remove wire:target="send" wire:click="send" class="px-4 mt-2">Send Message</button>
<span wire:loading wire:target="send" class="inline-block px-4 my-3 font-bold text-red-700">Sending</span>

When the button is pressed, the wire:loading.remove will immediately hide the button until the request is complete. The target is itself. At the same time the span is revealed with the same wire:loading and wire:target directives. Once the request is complete, the two elements are swapped back.

Use this for long requests (such as sending an email) to prevent multiple requests from the user impatiently pressing the button.

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