Simple Log File Viewer

Display log files in your application using Livewire and Alpine
I was having a lot of problems displaying log files in the admin area of my application. The Logfiles were being written to following each transaction, and a typical daily log file could be up to 10MB. The best available packages would crash and burn with this size of logfile.
I tried both rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer and arcanedev/log-viewer and ended up building a simple viewer with pagination of the logs. Alpine is used to collapse stack trace.
In TALL stack style, the logfiles are displayed using Tailwind.

Livewire Component

php artisan make:livewire LogsViewer
namespace App\Http\Livewire;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\File;
use Livewire\Component;
use SplFileInfo;
class LogsViewer extends Component
public $file=0;
public $page=1;
public $total;
public $perPage = 500;
public $paginator;
protected $queryString=['page'];
public function render()
$files = $this->getLogfiles();
$log=collect(file($files[$this->file]->getPathname(), FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES));
$this->total = intval(floor($log->count() / $this->perPage)) + 1;
$log = $log->slice(($this->page - 1) * $this->perPage, $this->perPage)->values();
return view('livewire.logs-viewer')->withFiles($files)->withLog($log);
protected function getLogFiles()
$directory = storage_path('logs');
return collect(File::allFiles($directory))
->sortByDesc(function (SplFileInfo $file) {
return $file->getMTime();
public function goto($page)
public function updatingFile()

View file

Of note here is the detection of the [stackdump] sections, moving these to a nested block and hiding that block using Alpine. Clicking the [stackdump] in the log expands the nested section and reveals the stack dump.
<x-slot name="header">
<h2 class="text-xl font-semibold leading-tight text-gray-800">
Log Files
<div class="px-4 py-2 mx-4 my-8 bg-white shadow-xl sm:rounded-lg">
<div class="flex justify-around">
<select wire:model="file" class="px-4 py-2 font-mono text-sm bg-red-200 rounded">
@foreach($files as $file)
<option value="{{ $loop->index }}">{{ $file->getFilename() }}</option>
<ul class='font-mono text-xs'>
@for($i=0; $i < $log->count(); $i++)
@if(Illuminate\Support\Str::startsWith($log[$i],'[stacktrace]') || Illuminate\Support\Str::startsWith($log[$i],'#'))
<li x-data="{expanded:false}" x-on:click="expanded = !expanded">[stacktrace]
<ul class="ml-8" x-show="expanded" x-cloak >
@while($i < $log->count())
<li wire:key="{{$page}}-line-{{ $i }}">{{ $log[$i] }}</li>
<li wire:key="{{ $page }}-line-{{ $i }}" class="font-mono text-xs leading-5
{{ Illuminate\Support\Str::contains($log[$i], '.CRITICAL:') ? 'text-red-800':''}}
{{ Illuminate\Support\Str::contains($log[$i], '.ERROR:') ? 'text-orange-600':'' }}
{{ Illuminate\Support\Str::contains($log[$i], '.INFO:') ? 'text-blue-900':'' }}
{{ Illuminate\Support\Str::contains($log[$i], '.WARNING:') ? 'text-indigo-700':'' }}
">{{ $log[$i] }}


<div class="flex float-right">
<button id="first" wire:click="goto(1)" class="w-10 outline-none px-2 border rounded-l-lg m-0 {{ $page==1 ? 'bg-gray-600 text-white font-bold' :'' }}" >1</button>
@if($page-4 > 1)
<button id="dots1" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none">&hellip;</button>
@if($page-3 > 1)
<button id="minus3" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none" wire:click="goto({{ $page-3 }})">{{ $page-3 }}</button>
@if($page-2 > 1)
<button id="minus2" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none" wire:click="goto({{ $page-2 }})">{{ $page-2 }}</button>
@if($page-1 > 1)
<button id="minus1" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none" wire:click="goto({{ $page-1 }})">{{ $page-1 }}</button>
@if($page != 1 && $page != $total )
<button id="current" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px font-bold text-white bg-gray-600 border outline-none">{{ $page }}</button>
@if($page+1 < $total )
<button id="plus1" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none" wire:click="goto({{ $page+1 }})">{{ $page+1 }}</button>
@if($page+2 < $total )
<button id="plus2" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none" wire:click="goto({{ $page+2 }})">{{ $page+2 }}</button>
@if($page+3 < $total )
<button id="plus3" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none" wire:click="goto({{ $page+3 }})">{{ $page+3 }}</button>
@if($page+4 < $total )
<button id="dots2" class="w-10 px-2 m-0 -ml-px border outline-none">&hellip;</button></button>
<button id="last" class="rounded-r-lg w-10 outline-none px-2 border -ml-px m-0 {{ $page == $total ? 'text-white bg-gray-600 font-bold':'' }}" wire:click="goto({{ $total }})">{{ $total }}</button>
Add a protected link to your web.php file to the Logfile component.